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❄ It is suitable for fresh seafood restaurant, supermarkets, farmers markets and other places of seafood,meat preservation and display.❄D ue to the dry surface and sliding of flake ice, there has no s...
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Close to nature, green healthy Songshan Lake tour has begun!  Songshan Lake beautiful natural environment, its early morning rain break of Rainbow out of the night landscape is charming, with "Misty Rain" is known. Along the Lakeshore and islands along the coast has planted kinds of 150,000 flowers and plants, such as peach, plum format every flower, there is beauty of the four seasons. Even more special is the Pine Lake rain Firefly garden, zero-distance contact with the Firefly, feel the romance and fantasy interwoven.Songshan Lake has Sea-flowers, Imperial Park, Moon Lotus Park, Central Park and other attractions. Songshan Lake Sea-flowers have important scenic area, Marina yacht and boat Shuttle; let you enjoy mountains and unique ecological amorous feelings of the intox...
Release time: 2012 - 06 - 12
In order to strengthen fire prevention measures, enhance employee awareness of fire safety, eliminate fire safety risks, ensuring the security of company property, work and life. Strengthening the company's fire security incident response, security by the company under the Ministry of planning, organizing a large-scale fire drill. Pass the fire drill we feel that technology development is rapid; it has brought together all sectors of society.  Fire-fighting equipment is constantly updated, against different varieties of a single from the previous to the current fires, taking a different fire weapons, the affected status reduced to a minimum. By everyone involved, partly to escape in case of fire emergency evacuation, the correct and proper use of firefighting equipment skills are furt...
Release time: 2012 - 04 - 18
Autumn in October, the season of harvest, and ushered in a major client to site visits, customers are satisfied with our manufacturing processes and meet its procurement requirements, the day has gone through the procurement process.
Release time: 2011 - 07 - 22
USA customers to our company for field trips, planned procurement KMS-30T, daily output of 30 tons of equipment, used for seafood freshness.
Release time: 2011 - 03 - 30
2010 sales volume increased 23% compared with 2009. It didn’t reach our plan at the beginning of last year. There’s some reason of financial crisis, of course, the more reason is our sales need to improve and perfect ourselves. This year, We will do as company’s requirement same as before. In the base of last year, to do our work with more communication and more coordination. Start 2011 work with proactive and creative. Now we have below woking planning:1/. Expand oversea market actively. Explore new client channel and sales model. Make excellent marketing system. Maintenance exsiting market, Seize the opportunity develop potential customer. Pay attention to the details. Strengthen good quality service. Consolidate and improve market share. Do our best to finish the sales task. 2/. K...
Release time: 2011 - 03 - 22
Hello,ICEUPS all my colleagues:Time flies like an arrow, blink of an eye 2009 will leave over the past year is destined to be an extraordinary year, we've been through too much too much. Destruction of the financial tsunami has not eliminated, formed a huge pressure on China's export industry. This year, after ICEUPS all my colleagues joint efforts, concerted efforts, overcame one difficulty after another, has made brilliant achievements in the industry! Impacts are growing more and more domestic and overseas customers and grow with us, progress! Here, I would like to thank our dear customers ...
Release time: 2010 - 01 - 08
Australia customers to our company for field trips, the model ice-making device for KMS-15T, is the customer in our acquisition of the third ice maker.
Release time: 2009 - 10 - 15
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